illustration of a man making a dog tie out
How do you make a dog tie out?

The most important features of a tie-out is the reliability and the impossibility to get tangled. So we’ve gathered 5 ideas of DIY tie-out stakes. And we rated them on a 1-5 star for each.  How...

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white shepherd tied outside in the yard
How do you tie a dog outside?

How do you tie a dog outside? To tie your dog outside is simple. To tie him properly without any risks is much harder. It can actually be a complex task. But if you follow this step-by-step, you won’t have ...

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dog diving in water
How to keep my dog cool in the summer

You can probably relate to this too.   I wake up, check my phone.  Yay!  Read more

How to make sure my dog is safe on the trails
How to make sure my dog is safe on the trails

By Melanie from Expeditionhusky There is no doubt that getting out on a hike with your dog is one of t...

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national parks open for dogs
Here's a list of National Parks that are dog-friendly.

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade 🍋 Because our travel plans abroad got cancelled, I decided to find the best places to visit with your dog in North America! Btw, even though the border between Canada and US has declared it would re...

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china map with ban popup
Dog meat off the menus in China?

Not yet but we are at least moving in the right direction.   Sadly, a couple weeks ago the Lychee and dog meat Festival took place again in Yulin. Without goi...

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dog diving from a dock in a dock diving competition
Dock Diving 101

By Judy from @mochathetoller - Nov 18, 2019   Dock Diving 101 Interested in the dog wat...

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dog being photgraphed on a rock
Dog Photography Tips by an Expert

By Taylor DeArmond from @just_thori_things - November 14, 2019 Useful tips to step up your dog photography Read more

welcoming a 2nd puppy in your home - blog puppy running
Welcoming a 2nd puppy in your home

 By Arianna Kitzberger  from @bouncy.ivy - October 29, 2019 Welcoming a second puppy in your life Pupp...

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airport at sunrise - flying with dogs article
Flying with your dog

Traditional way : Cargo For those of you that never flew with their pet before, the traditional way of flying is to fly them "cargo". That means you will have to book a flight for your dog, visit t...

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