Listen, we hate returning stuff too. We wanted to make sure the process is as easy as it can be when you purchase from us.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return your order for a refund within 30 days of the fulfillment date.*

We recommend carefully trying on your new gear indoors, keeping the packaging intact, before your next adventure.

Here's why:

When you return gear, we check it and then put it back on sale. If it's all damaged, we can't sell it to someone else...

Therefore, to be eligible for a full refund or credit, new, unused products must be clean and free of dog hair.

If the product has been tried on and contains dog hair, all dog hair must be removed from the product to avoid a cleaning fee.

Products requiring cleaning (including removal of dog hair) will be charged between $5 and $40 cleaning fee based on the condition of the gear.

We reserve the right to decline any returns whether it was returned in the return window or not based on the condition of the gear. In this case, we will pay up to 10 USD to return the used items to you. Anything above that should be covered by the customer.

When returning Säker gear, the cost to return the items is the responsibility of the customer. Säker will be covering the cost to send you the new items/replacement.

Simply go to this link.

Make sure that you know your order ID before starting the process. Your order ID should start with "#SKR"

We'll accept returns on products that have not been used and are not discontinued. You can go to this link to start the process.

To start the exchange process, please go to this link.

You will be asked to cover the cost to send back the item. We will be covering the cost to send you the replacement.

Once we receive your return, we inspect your item(s) and then initiate a refund.

Our goal is to process your return within three to five business days of receipt. Credits may take up to an additional five business days to post to your account. Given shipping and processing time, the return process can take up to two to three weeks.

Final credit to your account depends on the policies of the bank or institution of your original payment method.

We will notify you via email when your return has been processed.

Please note: refunds do not include shipping costs paid on your original order (if applicable).

Return Policy Conditions

To be eligible for a full refund or credit, a return must meet all the following conditions:

1. Products must show no signs that they were previously worn. Dirt spots, stains or decolorations are all signs that would disqualify a return.

2. Products must be clean and free of dog hair.

3. All the items shipped to the customer, whether it is a tag or a carrying bag must be returned along with it. Returned items should not differ, in what they include, from the content of the originals.

Based on the conditions above, Säker reserves the right to decline an incoming return regardless of whether the item is within the return window or not. In this case, Säker will usually return the items to the customer. Out of good faith, Säker will pay up to 10 USD to return the used items. Any amount above the 10USD mark will need to be covered by the customer in order to receive their used gear again.