Exchanging your item

We want to make sure our gear is right for your pup. Our exchanges are processed as new orders. Begin by following the return process for your order. 

Then place a new order for the size/color you need. Immediately placing a new order ensures that you’ll get the new product quickly and that it won’t go out of stock while you wait. 

Shipping charges may apply to new orders. 

If you have any questions, please shoot us a message at support@sakercanine.com.

Gift returns

We'll accept returns on products that have not been used and are not discontinued. 

Shoot us a message here, to confirm your return eligibility. 

We’ll need to know the product name. 

Once return eligibility is confirmed, you’ll be issued a Return Authorization and instructions for sending the item back to us.

What's my refund status?

Sadly it's hard for us to give you an exact answer. But here's a good way to have an estimate:
1- Go check your tracking number for the return. Right away, you'll know if we received your returned gear.
2- Once your package is delivered to us, expect 1 to 5 business days before your return is processed. 

3- Now that we have checked your item and everything looks good. We'll send you an email to let you know that the refund was issued. 

4- Most credit card companies will take a couple of days to process the refund and apply it to your card.

Thank you for your understanding! 

Returning an item part of a bundle

You ordered a bundle but would like to return one of the item?

No problem. Following the guidelines as for a normal return. However, please note that the amount that will be refunded will take into account the discount you benefited.

This means that the other items in the bundle, the ones you keep, will be considered at full price. 

e.g: You ordered a bundle of two items for 60$. Each item in it is worth 40$ (total 80$). If you return one of the item, you will be refunded 20$ (40$ cost - 20$ discount = 20$). 

The item you keep will have cost you 40$ (normal price).

Starting a return

Go here to start the return process.


What are the usual shipping times?

Standard Shipping

Shipping: 7-10 Business days 

Express Shipping

Shipping: 5-8 Business days 



Shipping: 7-10 Business days 

Most of our orders are shipped through the amazon logistic system. This allows us to offer lower shipping rates and faster delivery times.

But it also means:

-Delays are subject to change without notice

-Your package will arrive in an Amazon box.

I only received one item in my bundle

Once you place an order with multiple items in it, some of the items might not be stored in the same warehouse. Instead of shipping the items all to the same warehouse and then ship them to you, we usually ship each item to you. 

That way you get them faster.

Can you ship to my address? (US & CA)

We can ship to almost any address in the United States except to PO addresses. 

We can also ship to most addresses in Canada.

Where are you shipping from?

Any US order is fulfilled from our US warehouse. Therefore you don't have to cover for any customs and duties. And shipping times are FAST.

Any canadian order is fulfilled from our CAN warehouse. Don't worry fellow canadians, we got you covered.

International shipping

Do we ship internationally?

We ship across Canada and United States for now.

We do not offer our gear in other countries than those at the moment. If you are interested in becoming an international distributor of Säker in your home country, shoot us an email here.

About us

Opening hours

We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. 

Yes, you can contact us outside of these opening hours, but don't expect us to answer until we're back.

Weekends are for adventures


I want to cancel/change my order

To make any changes to your order, you have a one-hour window where you can shoot us an email to cancel your order right away. 

After this time frame, you must connect with us (through the chat bubble at the bottom right corner or by email) to see whether if your order was already processed.  If it was processed, you will need to follow our return process.

How can I track my order?

Well, whenever you place an order with us, you will receive updates via emails. 

One will let you know once your order has shipped. This email will include your tracking informations.


Got Your Bark Lifetime Guarantee

For all infos about our Lifetime Guarantee, go here.

We guarantee everything we make

Our products are covered by our Got Your Bark Lifetime Warranty

Saving our Planet

For each order on our website, we plant a tree

Biodegradable Packaging

Our products are shipped in biodegradable bags
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