dog mannequin in crash-test with the Canyon pro

From Goofball to wrecking ball

Did you know that in a car accident at 35 mph, an unrestrained 60 lb. dog can become a 1-ton wrecking ball. Enough to kill you and your dog...

That’s right, every time you hit the road with your dog not in a crash-tested harness or crate, you're gambling your life that an accident won't happen. 

And it’s usually the case, nothing happens.

But that is until it is too late. Once the accident happens, it will be too late. You don’t get to do it again. It’s too late, game over.

Do you put your seatbelt on when you hit the road? 
Do you buckle your kids?

Then why wouldn’t you buckle your dog?

Some Stats

1 Ton Wrecking Ball

In a 35mph car accident, your 60 lb. dog will become a 2700 lb. projectile coming to hit you.

6 Millions

Every year in the US alone, it is estimated that there are 6 millions car accidents...


The average vet bills of a dog who's been involved in a car accident. While your dog's life and yours are worth a lot more than that.


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Are the Säker Harnesses safe?

The Säker Harnesses are tested through the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for child seats. A majority of dog harnesses have failed those standards (FMVSS No.213).

Calspan crash-test facility with 75lbs dog dummy wearing canyon pro

Canyon Harness

Crash-tests (M / L-XL)

Is Säker Canyon harness crash-tested?

Yes, the Säker Canyon Pro harnesses have been tested through the most rigorous standards of car safety. It has received a 5-stars results according to the Federal Motor Vehicule Safety Standards No.213

Crash-tests of the Small Canyon harness on a 50lbs dog


Crash-tests (Small)

Brown dog on the backseat buckled in with the Canyon Pro harness in purple

Crash-tested harnesses

Canyon Pro (Small)

- All versions of the Canyon Pro (Core, Extended, Dog Pack) are crash-tested

- Tested in accordance with FMVSS-13 for child seats

-For dogs up to 50 lbs.

Canyon Pro (M)(L/XL)

- All versions of the Canyon Pro (Core, Extended, Dog Pack) are crash-tested

- Tested in accordance with FMVSS-13 for child seats

-For dogs up to 75lbs. However, the static load reached 3567 lbs which suggest the harness would hold dogs up to 135 lbs dogs.

People are asking

Yes, so far we only tested for dogs up to 75 lbs. But the test was successful. We would love to eventually put the harness to the test with the 90 lbs and 110 lbs dummies. Considering that the Canyon harness reached the load of 3567 lbf during the Michigan Tech University static test, the data suggests it could hold dogs up to 135 lbs.

First, we met Dan. Dan is an expert in crash-tests. He does between 8 to 15 crash-tests daily.  Here's a summary of what he explained: 

Even though the speed is 30mph, the impact we simulate here is much closer to a frontal impact into a brick wall at 65mph...

65 mph?! Yes! here's why:

A. the thing you hit will absorb the impact... It's rare that the car will hit a wall and the wall stays intact and the car stopped right there. The tests we do recreate hitting a brick wall that's a 1000ft thick.

B. The car frame and bumpers are designed to absorb the impact. All the components between the front bumper and the seatbelt attachment will absorb some of the impact. In the test we do, the pressurized cannon is metal-on-metal, with ZERO absorption. 

man buckling his dog in the car using the saker ascension harness tutorial

Ascension Harness