We create products that make it easy to

Bring your canine sidekick along

so you can explore the world together.


Let your dog roam freely.

While keeping him safe.

Made in Canada. Chew proof.

Best time at the beach.

Don't worry about escapes.

Keep your dog next to you.

Heavy Duty. Tangle-free.

Offer your pup healthy paws.

To face all kinds of hard terrains.

Handmade in Canada. Vegan.

Tick Buster.

Keep diseases such as Lyme at bay.

Remove. Identify. All under 24hours.

Säker bundles.

Get more for your money.

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We Guarantee it

We believe in building things for the long-term.

If our gear was to let you down, we won't.

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Nature has given us a playground to explore,

the least we can do is to help preserve it.

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