"The cold and the ice caused permanent damage to Luna's paws"

The vet told me I had to protect her paws. From there, we started using Paw Balm from Säker. 

The results are mind-boggling.

Luna's paws have never been so healthy, and she has never been so happy.

-Marie Dubois, Qc 

95% of customers saw results in the first week of using the balm

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Our philosophy is simple. Nothing should go on the outside of a dog that can’t also go on the inside.

Each ingredients is FDA approved for both human and dog consumption.

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Make a small change that has a BIG impact.

Most paw balms come in plastic containers that take 300-1000 years to decompose fully.(100x your dog’s life).

Our paper tube takes 4-6months to fully decompose in compost.(5% of your dog’s life).

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Each balm is manually mixed and poured in the town of Saint-Donat, Qc.

The people making the balms are the same one smiling at you at the grocery store.

Support a small and local business.

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Keep your dog around wherever you are.

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