Sizing Corner

The easiest way to find the right size of harness for your pup is to take our 45 seconds quiz by clicking "Find My Size" below.

Or refer to the chart below:

People are asking

What if I pick a size, but my dog gets bigger or smaller than the limits showed above?

E.g. You pick a M-L, but your dog's girth grows bigger than 33 inches.

Good question. We're about to let you in on a secret... Are you ready? Good! So each harness size can actually get bigger or smaller than the limits showed above. Here are the maximum and minimum measures for each size:

Why didn't we show you this chart in the first place? It's because there is a lot of overlap between sizes... It confuses most people! But we're confident you're not one of them. 

What if my dog is between two sizes?

That's great news! It means you can go with either sizes and you can't be wrong... They will both fit! But here's how we suggest you handle this tie.

1. Go with the weight. Here's how we suggest a size based on weight.

Just check in which size your dog is based on his/her weight. That should break the tie.

2. Check the breed fits below for a dog breed with similar shape and weight as your pup. By comparing what those breeds are rocking, you can find the fit that you prefer.

What if I pick the wrong size

We understand these things can happen, but we try to avoid it as much as possible. It will save both of us a lot of headaches about returning the harness and sending another one your way. If you need to exchange the size, you will have to cover the cost to return it and we will cover the cost to send you a new one.

But really if you are scared about making the wrong size choice, reach out to us for help using the next question below.

I think I need help with sizing...

Are you sure? You went through the quiz above, you checked the charts and everything? And still, you are not sure about the size you need? If so, click the button below.

Breed fits

Below are a bunch of dog breeds wearing the Ascension harness. Using the breed and the weight of the dog, find the size that will best fit your dog.

Australian Cattle Dog

French Bulldog

Italian Greyhound (Chest pad too big)

Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever


Border Collie


German Koolie


German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP)


German Shepherd


Standard Poodle

French Spaniel


Portuguese Water Dog

Boxer Mix

Labrador Retriever

Pitbull Mix


Great Dane


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