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How do you make a dog tie out?

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The most important features of a tie-out is the reliability and the impossibility to get tangled. So we’ve gathered 5 ideas of DIY tie-out stakes. And we rated them on a 1-5 star for each.

How do you make a dog tie out?

When you make a dog tie-out, you need to make sure it's impossible for your dog to get tangled. You also need to make sure it won't get pulled out or break if your dog pulls on it intensely. So here are 5 DIY tie-out ideas:

5 DIY tie out ideas:

tie out cable tied to a rock

1. Tie-out cable and rock 

tangle-free and reliability rating for tie out cable and rock

This tie-out is quite reliable, it is an okay solution.

In this one, you need to have a certain level of manual skills, drilling through rock can be challenging. It gets 3 ½ stars tangle-free because as the dogs run in circles, the cable twists on itself. As it twists more, the cable will get tangled. It might keep that shape because it is metal.

You can find how to make this simple dog tie out here.


Image of a classic cable run with golden retriever tied to it

2. Classic Cable Run

tangle-free and reliability rating for a classic cable run

This setup is a classic! On the plus side, it’s quite reliable and gives your dog a lot of freedom. On the downside, it is quite long to set-up and can’t be brought with you on camping trips or to the beach. Find out how to make this cable run yourself.


golden retriever with tie out cable tied around a tree

3. Tie-out cable looped around a tree

tangle-free and reliability rating for a tie out cable looped around a tree

To make this one, you will need:

  • A leash (big enough to clip around the tree)
  • A cable/rope of the desired length.
  • At the end of the cable that attaches to your dog, you need a carabiner or any hooks you usually find on a leash.

At the other end, you want a ring (same as in the picture) or carabiner with screw lock. We recommend the ring. You can find one at Home Depot for $4.84.

home depot ring that can be used for a dog tie out

Once you find the tree, pass the leash through the metal ring and clip the leash to its handle around the tree.
Then, clip one end of the cable to the metal ring. The other end will be clipped to your dog’s collar!

If you are looking for a chew-proof cable, we recommend this quality steel tie-out cable.


A golden retriever chained to the patio of the house

4. Chain tied the patio or to the dog’s house 

tangle-free and reliability of a tie out cable tied to the patio or to a dog house

This is probably the most common way that people tie their dog. They often use a chain.

However, I recommend avoiding this. Even if a chain is super reliable, it will get tangled quickly. And doing a quick research about this, there are a few horror stories with the use of a chain.

how to make your own dog tie out stake

 5. Make your own heavy duty stake

tangle-free and reliability rating of the make your own tie out stake

While this is your best out of the 5 options, it also requires the most work. A lot of work! If you want to make your own, watch how to make your own heavy duty tie out stake. But that'y why we suggest going with option 6. 


Picture of the gravity dog tie out stake which is our recommendation for a reliable dog stake

6. Best option, takes no time and most reliable and tangle-free

tangle-free and reliability rating of the saker gravity dog tie out stake

However, there is a 6th option with 5-stars tangle-free and reliability. This is a turn-key option.

It’s perfect for the yard and resists the weather. It is also portable which means you can easily install it at the beach or on your campsite.
If you want to be all set by next week, this is definitely your best option. Check this perfect tie-out stake.


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It all depends on the environment where the tie-out is used... But as a general rule of thumb, you shouldn't leave your dog on the tie-out for hours at a time. If you don't care about obstacles, then tying your dog can be dangerous. Your dog could get tangled or cut himself on some edges.

Also, you should always be around. If you tie your dog in the yard, be in the kitchen not far from the window.

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