Säker team looking at harness plans in the redwoods
Säker team looking at harness plans in the redwoods

Who We Are

We are the crazy ones.

Crazy enough to think that dog gear should have the same durability, technology and attention to details than hiking human gear.

Crazy enough to think that dog gear should be sold at MEC and REI, not at pet shops.

Crazy enough to think our dogs deserve the same level of safety and comfort as we do out in the wild.

Crazy enough to believe that we can revolutionize a whole industry.

Now, if that doesn't sound too crazy to you, maybe you're one of us.

bill irwin and his dog hiking

Our mission

Inspired by this guy

Orient, Bill Irwin's Guide Dog.

Bill is known for being the first blind person to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) alone.

He completed the 2,146-miles journey, a hike that required several million steps.

But none of them would have been possible without Orient, his faithful guide dog. He accompanied Bill throughout the journey, sharing the load, offering unwavering affection, and, most importantly, guiding him every step of the way.

For us, Orient is the unsung hero.

He inspires us to develop premier hiking dog gear so that our dogs can perform their best out on the trails.

Arc'teryx logo with mountains in the back

Our Journey

Following the footsteps of giants...

From Arc'teryx, we learned that there's always a better way. 25 years into designing a jacket and they still find ways to improve it.

We expect to spend no less than that fine-tuning our harnesses & gear.

Our Principles


We believe the best way to ensure your gear will perform when it matters is to test it in the most extreme conditions.

dogs and their humans climbing at Indian Creek to the climbing spot