How do you tie a dog outside?

white shepherd tied outside in the yard

How do you tie a dog outside?

To tie your dog outside is simple. To tie him properly without any risks is much harder. It can actually be a complex task. But if you follow this step-by-step, you won’t have to worry about anything. And your dog will be safe!

Step 1 

First, you need to determine where you want to tie him. 

If you have to choose between the front yard or backyard. Pick the backyard. You want your dog to lie down outside calmly and enjoy fresh air right? Right! 

Furthermore, in the front yard, your dog will be disturbed by the constant passing cars, the people walking their dogs, etc.

Tying him where the distractions are at a minimum is the way to go. Also, you want to make sure your dog has access to shade at any given time. It can get really hot there in the sun. 


Step 2

What do you want to tie your dog to? You can pick a tree, the ramp of the patio or any other heavy post. The best pick however is by far a tie-out stake. Here’s out it works. It’s like a small post you screw it in the ground. You clip your dog to it and he can run around without getting tangled in it. This little video shows how to use a tie-out stake in camping.


Step 3

What are you gonna use to tie him? Some people use a leash to connect your dog to the stake/anchor. It works great… if you stay outside. But, if you’re planning on leaving him tied outside, you want to make sure he won’t chew through the leash. This is why Tie-out cables are so popular. It’s a cable with a wire rope in the core to prevent your dog from chewing thru. This is my recommendation if you want to be worry free.


Step 4

Now that you determined the spot and found a cable, make sure the area is free of obstacles.  Obstacles include trees, patio chairs, BBQ, all the things in which your dog could get tangled. The #1 reason why people don’t leave their dog outside is because the latter gets tangled in less than 5mins. 


In the image below in which zone would you tie your dog?

this image shows the zones in which you should tie your dog outside

That’s right! Zone B.

Zone A is full of obstacles in which your dog could get tangled. Zone B and C are free of obstacles. But Zone C is closer to the road so there are more distractions for your dog. Also, Zone B offers some shade.

Now, you’ll need to walk around the perimeter with the cable to make sure your dog won’t get tangled in something.


Step 5

At this point, you want to test the set-up. You can pull on it from different angles or you clip your dog to it and supervise him. The stake shouldn’t come out if one of you pulls on it.


This is crucial if you don’t want your dog to escape the yard!


dog heaven in the backyard

Step 6

Make it enjoyable! Your dog doesn’t know what it feels like to be on a tie-out yet. So make it special. Make it something he looks forward to. A good way to do so is to give him a bone to chew on. A special toy reserved for the time on the tie-out works great too. 


You can also play fetch with your dog while he’s on the tie-out. It will help him forget about it. 


Step 7

You are ready to leave your dog outside on the tie-out by himself. 

And this process should happen gradually. The first time, leave him 5mins and end it. Then, 15mins, 20mins, 30mins, etc. 

I was gonna forget to tell you! Make sure your dog always has access to drinkable water at any time. Just put his bowl in the shade. Or next to a wall so he can’t knock it over.


A tie-out stake will make both your life and your pooch’s life much more enjoyable.

It will give him extra time outside and it will give you a forgotten peace of mind! And it’s not limited to the yard. Numerous dog owners are bringing their tie-out stakes at the beach or on camping trips.


So here are some ideas to make a DIY tie-out set-up.

Or you can find the stake ready to use here.



While a tie-out is a great way to give your dog more outdoors time, it is not something to clip him to everyday from 9 to 5. You should never leave the house if your dog is on the tie-out.

Related Questions

How long should a dog tie out be?

This is very subjective. It depends on where you tie your dog. The most important is to make sure the circle created with the tie out is free of obstacles. Dog tie outs can vary from 10ft to 30-50ft. Remember that a 50ft cable means a zone free of obstacles of 100ft by 100ft.

I don't know what your spot looks like, whether it is a yard or a camping spot. But rarely anyone would need over a 30ft tie-out cable.


Are tie outs safe for dogs?

It all depends on the environment where the tie-out is used... But as a general rule of thumb, you shouldn't leave your dog on the tie-out for hours at a time. If you don't care about obstacles, then tying your dog can be dangerous. You dog could get tangled or cut himself on some edges.

Also, you should always be around. If you tie your dog in the yard, be in the kitchen not far from the window.


How to install a dog's stake

Thinking about ordering a tie out stake? Or you ordered one already? Then check this video to find out how to install it easily.



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