Tick Buster™

194 reviews
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tools included in the Tick Buster
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
saker tick buster used to remove a tick from dog
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Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tools included in the Tick Buster
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
Tick Buster™
saker tick buster used to remove a tick from dog
194 reviews

Ticks won't be stressful anymore, we made it easy

Finding a tick on your dog is super stressful... You have to remove it and done the wrong way, your dog could get Lyme. But the Tick Buster gives you the exact step-by-step with the right tools for the job. No guessing.

No risk for tick-borne diseases

Ticks take at least 24hours to transmit Lyme or other (worse) tick-borne diseases. Lookout for ticks and remove them correctly after each outing. no risk for Lyme.

It's like having a vet in your pocket.

Usually, you'd remove a tick and hope your dog doesn't get ill. But the Tick Buster has a full resource center for you to identify the ticks and know exactly what symptoms to look for. The center breaks down what ticks can be found in what region and what diseases it might carry.


No guessing, follow the steps

Access a full resource center where you will get detailed step-by-step. You will be able to remove a tick the same way a vet would.

Pair of  surgical tweezers

Sometimes if your dog were to be bit by a tick larvae or a nymph, these are too small for the traditional Tick Remover, that's when the surgical tweezers are handy

Know what to look for

Different ticks mean different things. Some carry Lyme, some carry Ehrlichiosis. Well, you get a clear guide to make tick identification easy. You will know what symptoms to be on the lookout for

Easy to spot ticks

The precision comb is designed to focus on a specific area so it's for you to spot a tick.

Dimensions & Specs


The carry pouch is 6 1/4" by 6 1/4" (15.5cm by 16cm)


The Tick Buster bundle weights 70g (2.5oz)

Designed in Montreal

The Tick Buster is designed in Montreal at Säker Headquarter. It is currently manufactured in China.

Great companions

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Kelly G.
Canada Canada

Must have product

This is a must have product for anyone involved in the outdoors. Unfortunately hours after receiving the product we found 2 ticks on our Beagle. This product allowed me to easily remove them with the head intact and without crushing the tick

Stewart S.
Canada Canada

Works great. Cheap effective way to remove tick completely.

This is a great tool that makes tick removal easier for people and their animals.

Kendra T.
Canada Canada

Wow!!! Worked like a charm

I would highly recommend this for all pet parents, best and must have product for pet parents.

Clyde R.
Canada Canada

Tick removers

Haven’t used them yet but they look easy to use

Hannah M.
Canada Canada

Tick Remover Tools

Bought these to make sure of my Dog's health, easy to use, with details of various types of tick.

Hilda M.
Canada Canada

Works well

Two days after receiving this product I found a tic on my dog. I was able to remove it completely and quickly.


How can my dog get a tick?

There are many ways for dogs to get bit by a tick. 

First, different types of ticks are found in different areas. It can range from grasslands to light wooded areas. Some ticks, such as the brown dog tick can live inside homes, dog pens, etc.

For more details, check this exhaustive list of ticks and places where they're found.

Do ticks drop on you from trees?

No! Ticks don't fly, hop, run, or even move all that quickly. Depending on the life stage and species, they quest for hosts anywhere from ground level to about knee-high on vegetation, and then tend to crawl up to find a place to bite.

How often should I search my dogs for ticks?

The answer is surprisingly often. Ticks are becoming a bigger problem each year. We suggest checking your dog for ticks anytime you go for an outing in tall grass or dense forest. 

Most of the time, ticks are hanging on a branch or a tall grass waiting for a host to walk by them.

Where should I look for ticks on my dog?

While it's not impossible to find a tick somewhere else, most ticks will bite your dog on those specific are

I've never removed a tick before... Shouldn't I let a specialist do it?

Of course you can let a vet do it. But at some point in your dog's life, you'll be on a camping trip or somewhere else. And you won't be able to see a vet in the next 24hours. You'll have to do it. Don't worry, it's easier than it looks. 

Can I remove the tick with a pair of tweezers?

You could, but it's better to use tools designed for the job.


Well, when removing the tick, using the wrong tools could put pressure on the tick's belly. Which would lead it to regurgigate the diseases from its gut into your dog.

While removing the tick, some part of the head might have stayed under the skin. Is it bad? Should I be concerned?

This is something that concerns many people but it is just not possible for ticks to 1) continue living once they have been ripped in two; and 2) for them to embed any more than their mouthpart into your skin. 

Eventually this will be pushed out much like a splinter would be. You probably want to keep an eye on the bite area just in case the tick had transmitted a disease-causing pathogen while it was intact and feeding on your dog.

What is the correct way to kill a tick once it has been removed?

You can simply put it in a sealed ziplock bag. This way, you'll be able to safely look at it and try to identify it. Once the tick is secure, it won't be too long before it dies anyway (from extreme dryness). Personally I would keep the ziplock bag around. If there are no symptoms or other consequence that develop, say within 2-3 months of the bite, you could just discard the tick card or baggie in the trash.

You can always send it to be tested if you are concerned about transmission/potential infection. 

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Tick Buster™

194 reviews

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