woman opening a tin can of soothing balm from saker before applying it to her dog paws
woman opening a tin can of soothing balm from saker before applying it to her dog paws


Soothing Balm

First Things first

You and your pup will love how practical your new balm is! But first, you should learn how to apply it:

Woman applying soothing balm onto her dog's paw pads


Soothing Balm


All good! That's why we needed to develop a formula that was completely safe to eat. All the ingredients are approved by the FDA (even for human consumption).

It depends:

Your dog's paws are healthy and you use it as protection?
You should apply paw balm prior to a walk (we would apply it for extended outing; over 15mins). You can wipe off the balm once you're back from the walk.

Your dog's paws, ears or nose are dry or cracked?
Apply the balm twice a day on that specific area. The natural creams inside will heal the wound and reinforce the natural protection.

First, we must say that the balm is for outdoor uses. You should apply it before going out and wiping it off after. 

We did the testing indoor and it didn't stain the wood floors. But we haven't tested on all kinds of surfaces. To be honest, we'd try to keep the balm for outdoor uses.

Absolutely! On the outside, the balm acts as a barrier against hot and cold. 

While on the inside, the active ingredients will soothe and heal rough paw pads.

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