premium dog tie out cable

Tie out Cable


(currently there's up to a 2 week delay on orders including the cables. Covid has caused delays in our supply chain)

Made In North America

Our cables are built with Canadian steel, meaning it will last much longer than cheaper brands of tie-outs. This means you don’t have to change them as often and it will save you money in the long run!


Our heavy duty dog cable can hold over 3642lbs! You won’t have to worry about your dog escaping anymore!


We've ditched the usual clip for our own premium hooks that will never jam or break. An unbeatable option for when you’re out adventuring or in simply at home in the yard.

Peace of mind

Our tie out cable has a thick galvanized steel core that is chew proof and rust resistant. Your dog can forget about chewing through it!

Our gift to you

We will ship every purchased cable in a handy cotton bag. You can use the bag to store your tether and easily bring it with you to the beach, your campsite or on a hike!

Made In America

It's built with good ole canadian steel which means it will last much longer than asian cheap dog tie outs. What's the point of saving a few bucks when you change it every 2-3 years?


Our heavy duty dog cable can hold over 3642lbs. You don't have to worry about escapes anymore.


We've ditched the usual clip for our own premium hooks.The clips will never jam or break. It's really the most premium dog tether for yard.

Peace of mind

Our tie out cable has a thick galvanized steel core. Your dog can forget chewing it. It's a super chew proof dog lead. It resists the rust too.

Our gift to you

When you buy the cable in any size, we buy you a cotton bag. We ship your cable in it. You can then use the bag to easily bring the tether to the beach, to the campsite or in a hike.

Will the cable hold your dog?

Fair question.

The answer is yes! Our cable is strong enough that it could suspend the weight of two adult Kodiak bears!

If you’ve never met a Kodiak bear, they are about 1500lbs in weight! Our cable can resist over 3642lbs!

Frankly it can probably hold more but we stopped the test at that weight.

dog tied to the gravity stake by saker in the desert

Chew proof.

You can tell your pup to keep her pearly whites for bones, because this cable will resist even the most relentless chewer!

Made by people you know.

 Your cable is made in Canada.

By the same people you see smiling at you in the grocery store.

What makes it so strong?

Click here for more details

dog tied to the gravity stake by saker in the desert

49 independent cables.

You won't see it when you receive your cable. But under the coating, there's 49 separate steel cables braided together. 

This build allows us to break the bar of the 1000lbs and reach over 3642lbs.

More reliable clips

Normal leash clips, especially those with springs in them, wear out and break after only a year or two...

Not ours.

Our clips are designed without a spring. 

This allows the clip to be much sturdier and resist breakage over time.

Fits your lifestyle

When you buy a tether, we gift you a cotton carry bag.

This way your tether can easily be carried with you and keep your dog safe, wherever you are!!

dog kissing owner at the beach tied to the gravity stake by saker

Afternoon at the beach

dog and owner on a camping trip with gravity stake

Camping trips

white shepherd in the yard tied to the gravity stake by saker

Unfenced yards

Create the best memories 

Remove the stress from bringing your dog along and replace it with incredible memories together.
Alright, so we only have a few reviews,
BUT we’re counting you to change that!

In the meantime, how are we qualified to make the best tie-out?
Our cables are made here. Meaning we oversee the process from start to finish.


To this day, we’ve kept more than 19736 dogs safe with our tie-out stakes.

Get your hands on a Premium Cable

(while you can)

With everyone getting a puppy,
The demand for our cables is insane... We are sold out on average 103 days per year.

Will you be one of the lucky dog owners who will be able to offer freedom and safety to your puppy?


Is it safe to leave the cords outside? Do they withstand rain and the elements well? Any problems with rust or decay?

Everything on your cable is rust-resistant. Don't worry about leaving it out in the rain.  The best part is that the clips are springless. So there's no way a spring could jam because of weather.

Can you pass the ends through itself so you can just loop it around a tree or post?

Yes, but doing so will cancel the tangle-free feature... As your dog runs around, the cable will roll up around the tree. In this case, we suggest tying your cable to a dog stake instead.

Thinking about taking this backpacking, how much does it actually weigh?

The cable itself is about 1lbs. This is a great choice to go hiking with because of the carry bag we offer you. Space is saved and it prevents the cable from unrolling in your backpack.

Is this strong enough to hold a 110 lbs pitbull who is as strong as he is stubborn?

Between you and I, there is no way your dog could break our cable. It is designed to hold up to a minimum of 3642lbs.

Product Details

Holds up to: Well, at 3642lbs, we stopped the test.

Dimensions:  From 15ft to 30ft 

Metal core: 1/4" dia. 

Outer diameter: 3/8".

Material: High Density Steel with rustproof PVC coating

Color: Black

Made in: St-hyacinthe, Canada

Bundles including the cable

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Bree G.
Canada Canada
Seriously tight clasp!

It was tough getting the clasp onto his collar, but near impossible to get off! Took two hands to remove it. That’s not ideal. Once on, it was good.

Madison C.
Canada Canada
Cottage must have

This was a great purchase for the cottage.

Kathleen F.
Canada Canada
Nice tight clip! Durable!

Strong and durable! The clips are Uber tough to open for a weakling like me lol.. but that’s good news to keep the dog secure. Great product!!!

Tonja G.
Canada Canada
Works Great!

We don't use our tie-out cable and anchor the traditional way. we bought two anchors and ran a cable between the two. It works great, no getting tangled, and gives him a 30-foot run that he can't break.

Hannah N.
United States United States
Never received my cable :(

I am loving the stake, but unfortunately never received my tie out cable! :(

Säker Canine

Hey Hannah! So sorry for this, I checked your order and it looks like amazon has lost your cable in transit... I went ahead and shipped you a replacement right away. It should be on your front porch in the next few days. Thanks, Chris

Camille M.
Canada Canada
Safest cable ever found

I can’t believe how safe these cables are. For me and probably for all dog’s owner, it is so important to know our puppies are safe while we are enjoying outdoor activities or even simply letting our dogs outside. I have never trust any cables but I changed my mind with this one. It gained my complete trust! It is even hard to open it which means it will surely never open while my dog is attached to it !!! This makes me feel safe and confident that my dog won’t be able to run away like she used to do with other cables. Highly recommand if you want your dogs to be safe :) You should also combine the cable to the stake ! Perfect and secure match.

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