Sentiero™ Dog leash

11 reviews
Sentiero™ Dog leash
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Sentiero™ Dog leash
Sentiero™ Dog leash
Sentiero™ Dog leash
Sentiero™ Dog leash
Sentiero™ Dog leash
Sentiero™ Dog leash
Sentiero™ Dog leash on camping chair
Sentiero™ Dog leash - Lakeside Blue Edition
Sentiero™ Dog leash

Sentiero™ Dog leash

11 reviews
$48.95Blacked Out$48.95Lakeside Blue

Never break the bond with your dog

A leash means so much to your dog. It's the one thing that your pup loves the most because it means you two are about to spend time together. In a way, it's a bond that links the two of you. Do you want that bond to wear out or you want it to last a lifetime?

Show how much you love'em

If your dog could offer you a leash, do you think he would look at the price? Not a second, he would get you the best leash out there, he would get you a Sentiero™ Dog leash.

No maintenance and it will look new for years

Made of premium Biothane, the leash is completely waterproof, mudproof. You'll never have to wash it. Its materials are designed to face the worst conditions over and over again.


Made to last

For us, durability is not a question of months. We count durability in years, a lot of years. That's why climbing rope or nylon were out of the picture


Made of high-quality Biothane, the Sentiero™ Dog leash is completely waterproof.

Won't smell

You know it. Over time, dog gear starts to stink. Not the Sentiero Dog Leash. It's completely odor-free.


The leash features a carabiner so your dog can run around and you won't have to constantly untangle the leash.

Safest Dog Leash

Featuring a climbing carabiner with a twist lock, the leash will never let you or your dog down.


Don't worry, your dog can roll in the mud all-day. Simply wipe it off with your hand or hose it down.


Just clip the D-ring to your backpack waist strap and you can get pulled by your dog. Pair it with a harness and there you are canicrossing.

Dimensions & Specs

Holds up to

The leash is designed to hold any dog from 20lbs to 200lbs.


Total Lenght: 62 inches (about 5ft)

Width: 1 inch

Thickness: 3mm (about 1/8")


Lenght: 3.5 inches

Width: 1.5 inches

Thickness: At its thickest, 11mm (7/16")


6.7oz (189 grams)

Designed in Montreal

The leash is designed in Montreal and it is made in China. (for now. We are trying to find the same nylon quality here. Without you having to pay 81.52$ for it)


Blacked out


Inspired by those early morning adventures

Lakeside Blue


Inspired by the blue lakes that cloak the


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Laura K.

Moana loves it

We never let our Aussie Moana off-leash when we are on a hike. We got the Sentiero Dog Leash to replace her old leash. I love how you can clip it to your backpack strap to make it hands-free. When we put her harness, Moana kinda pulls me from the hips, it's been great.

Marie S.
United States

Very well-made

We love the leash, it's been a great replacement for our old climbing rope leash. Only thing, I wish it was slightly cheaper. But I guess in a week from now, I'll forget the price and still love the leash...

Kristina T.

Perfect for our puppy

We got this leash as a gift for our new puppy for christmas. It's the only leash we use for Bailey and we love it.

Jody R.
United States

Nothing sticks to it

For us, the best thing about this leash is the fact that it's waterproof, dustproof, smellproof. With all that time spent outdoor during the holidays, our previous leashes would be soaked and would start to smell like wet dogs... Not this one! If there's dirt on it, we simply wipe it off and it's like brand new.

Arianna M.

Active dog and owners right here ‍♀️

We are constantly out on a hike, trotinette, skijoring. But when we are heading to the trails, I don't use the equipment on the way there, that's when the leash is super useful. We clip the dogs to those leashes while we setup everything! Totally recommend this

Jennifer P.

Beautiful leash but...

A softer Biothane than the ones we currently have, lighter weight too, which is a nice surprise -- always looking to keep our gear light but strong and durable. Smooth and flexible, nice deep colour. The twist lock carabiner is great, I prefer it to another locking carabiner we use. D-ring is well located and am looking forward to testing it out on our runs. Overall seems like a reliable leash to add to our collection, so why only the three stars? The leash arrived with a cosmetic defect that won't wash out -- I think it's the colour coating or glue that has now fused onto the surface of the leash, and it got missed during QC. I own a few Biothane leashes* and have never seen this before. I don't think it will affect the integrity of the leash, but for the price, I am disappointed that it didn't come spotless. *Biothane is super durable, I don't actually need so many leashes...I just like having different colours and design options lol. If you are hesitant about getting a Biothane leash, hesitate no more! They are honestly my go-to for all adventures. Waterproof, stink proof, easy to wash, strong and durable.


Does the carabiner swivels?

Absolutely, the carabiner swivels so the leash doesn't end up all tangled.

Is the clasp on the end of the leash light enough for an 8 pound dog?

While it is definitely light enough, it might be big on your dog's neck. It's 3.5" long. But paired with a harness, that should not be a problem.

What's the main use of the D-ring next to the handle?

There are many uses to it. But the most common one is definitely to attach a carabiner to it and clip it to your backpack waist strap. For shorter hikes, owners also clip it directly to their treat pouch. Finally, you can attach your poop bag holder to it.

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