Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake

460 reviews
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Woman and dog camping with the saker tie-out stake and cable
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Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
Woman and dog camping with the saker tie-out stake and cable

Basically, this stake makes sure your dog never escapes again

And frankly few things are more scary than losing your dog when there's a passing road nearby. Have a glass with friends, play spikeball or go for a swim while your dog is discovering the surroundings.

Your dog will love to sniff around

Instead of being on a leash next to you, your dog will have the freedom to roam around. The area around the stake is big enough for your pup to have plenty of fun.

So much better than leaving your dog behind

Drop the stress but keep the fun of bringing your dog along. You two will create memories you will cherish for life.


Holds the biggest dogs

The heavy duty stake won't budge or bend even if your 120lbs dog is pulling on it. Watch the video below of two 100lbs malamutes pulling on it.


Don't worry about leaving it out. The spike is designed to face the toughest elements. It won't rust even if left outside. 

Surface Lock

Once pressed onto the ground, the Surface Lock prevents any side-to-side movement.


The stake is a compact tie-out system which makes it easy to carry in a backpack.

Tangle free

Your dog can roam around freely without ever getting caught in his cable or leash.

Easy to Spot

When it's not in use, the stake comes with a marking flag so you can spot it easily.

Dimensions & Specs

Holds up to

It always depends on the type of soil. But the stake held 2 giant malamutes on a mushing line (equivalent to 6 huskies).


14 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches


1.5lbs in your backpack

Designed in Montreal

The stake is designed in Montreal and it is made in China. (for now. We are trying to find the same steel quality here. Without you having to pay 75.67$ for it)

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Canada Canada

Good quality and useful

We use the cable and stake when at the cottage, camping, or at public parks, the cable is long enough he gets his freedom and we can attach his shorter leash when we need him close by. Perfect for adventuring!

Laurie M.
United States United States

Finn’s Roaming

The best


Worth it’s weight in gold

My little baby dog is only a 35 pound Australian cattle dog but she could pull a Sherman tank if she felt like it! This incredible tether keeps her grounded and she can’t budge it in the least! it’s the most well designed, and the well thought out quality product I’ve ever owned and I recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a Never have to buy another one in the rest of your life again tether

Breanna D.
United States United States


We love our Gravity tie out! It's easier to put in than any other I've tried, and that makes it easy to take it with us places!

Audrey L.
Canada Canada

So far so good

I ordered the Stake in the Beach Bums Bundle a few weeks back and even though I didn't get the chance to use it that much, it seems really solid and durable. I had trouble with a corkscrew-type stake before as my front lawn is full of rocks under the lawn, but on my second try it worked like a charm! It is a bit more work to set up (in this case) but it does its job really well. So far it held my fast-growing puppy no problem (40 lbs and getting bigger).

Georgia A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Item has not been received

I have not yet received my item. Needed it before a certain date, its been almost a month since ordering.


Säker Canine

Hi Georgia! Yes this is our mistake... we should not have offered delivery to the UK. Our logistic core is not strong enough for that yet. You finally received the item but a week late. This is unacceptable. Following this incident, we will only offer delivery to Canada & US where we are able to offer delivery in a timely manner. I now refunded you your order, but I know that doesn't compensate for not having the stake. Thanks, Chris Founder


Will it be strong enough to hold my dog?

Will this hold your dog?

Fair question.

Our stake will hold your dog, no matter how hard he's pulling.

How can we be so sure?

Well, correctly installed, the stake was able to hold any dogs from pitbulls to mastiffs and all!

But more impressively, one stake held two 100lbs sled malamutes (equivalent to 6 huskies) pulling on a mushing line! 

Watch it right here ➡️

Watch it below ⬇️


Would one stake hold two dogs?

Of course! Click on the question above to see a video of the stake holding two 100lbs malamutes on a mushing line.

Is this intended to be installed and removed frequently?

You bet! That's one main benefit of the stake between our stake and any aerial cable. 

You screw clockwise to install it. And counter clockwise to take it out. It even comes with a tool to do it.

Where do you tie the cable/leash?

You simply clip the cable onto this ring. This way, the ring spins around. It prevents your dog from getting tangled.

Will this leave a big hole in the ground?

Nope, this is surprising. If you unscrew it instead of pulling on it, the hole is about 1 inch diameter.

Check this video for reference:

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Gravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake

460 reviews

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