So you want to join the pack uhh?
You want to be one of 

Säker Alphas

But do you have what it takes? 

You see, being an Alpha is a privilege. Our Alphas are the most passionate  and dedicated dog owners. 
Being an Alpha means spreading the word about dog safety. It means taking a stand on dog safety even when it's the unpopular opinion.

If you truly believe in making a better world for your dog and other dogs, then you are welcome into our pack.
Here are some of our members.

Some of our Alphas:

Benefits of Säker Pack

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Representing Säker will increase your visibility and you will be promoted through the brand's instagram.

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Imagine how much easier it is to organize giveaways and reach out to other accounts when you are both in the same pack.

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We don't have strict requirements for you. Simply put, don't f*ck up and everything will be fine.

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Worth it

You get a discount code for your followers and you make a 15% cash commission on each sale made with your code!

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