For each order, we plant a tree

Our goal is to protect the places we love from the effects of climate change. We also have more initiatives to save our planet.


Where are the trees planted?

Anywhere across North America. But you can find out exactly where it was planted by checking the certificates below.

What does one tree offsets?

One mature tree can absorb up to 22lbs of carbon per year! And the benefits don’t stop there: healthy trees hold the soil together, provide a home for wildlife, regulate temperatures, slow the flow of water through landscapes, grow vital foods and medicines, and more. 

Certificates of Trees Planted

What you see below are the order IDs and their corresponding certificate.

We guarantee everything we make

Our products are covered by our Got Your Bark Lifetime Warranty

Saving our Planet

For each order on our website, we plant a tree

Biodegradable Packaging

Our products are shipped in biodegradable bags
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