Easy 30 days refund.
If you're not happy, get a full refund.

Hey! Do you have trouble keeping your dog around?

Easy 30 days refund.
If you're not happy, get a full refund.

Easy 30 days refund.
If you're not happy, get a full refund.

Us too! That's why we created the Gravity Dog Stake

We know that looking at it like that, you're wondering 

"What the hell is that?!"

But it's very useful. Basically, you screw it in the ground and then you can tie your dog's leash or cable to it.

This way, your dog can roam freely without escaping the safety of his home. 

Some are using it in unfenced yard. Others are using it on camping trips or at the beach.

But everyone recognizes how handy it is.

Easy 30 days refund.
If you're not happy, get a full refund.

How it actually works?


 First, you find your spot

It works best where there's no trees or obstacles.

This way, your pup can run around without getting tangled.

Next to your beach chair, or to your tent are great spots to install your stake.


Install it

Just use the tool that comes in the box.

Screw the stake into the ground where you want it.

30secs later, you're all set.

Clip your dog leash (or cable) to it and enjoy!



Wherever you are, you can now kick back and relax.

Your dog is safely tied next to you and won't go anywhere.

Close your eyes and enjoy a forgotten peace of mind.

The stake is weather-resistant so you can leave it in the ground for days in a row.

gravity tie out stake for saker canine



Easy 30 days refund.
If you're not happy, get a full refund.


pictures form gravity stake owners



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United States United States
Works perfectly!

This stake has been fantastic! Where we live we don’t have a fenced in back yard so it been great having Aspen attached to the stake when we’re all hanging outside, we don’t have to worry about her running off

ketia b.
United States United States
Stakes worked out as promised

Good communication from Saker. Packaging and presentation impressive. Product working great. Appreciate a quality business like Saker.

Tee P.
United States United States
Amazing Anchor!

Our Miniature American Shepherd is miniature by name only— and not when it comes to size or strength. This stake is very sturdy and heavy-duty—and gives us peace of mind that he will stay grounded during outdoor adventures in spite of his energy level. In addition, the tangle-free ring is quite handy for agility practice in our local park. Thank you SÄKER!

Säker Canine Gravity Dog Tie Out Stake Review
United States United States
Awesome, convenient tie-out stake!

Used this for the first time about a month ago on a camping trip. It was a little difficult to get into the ground initially but the campsite we were at had very dense rocky soil so I wasn’t surprised, but we were still able to get it all the way in the ground. I had tried it in our yard first before we left and it was super easy to put in there, with super soft soil. We’ll be using it every time now, though! Seems plenty secure enough. Both my husband and I tugged on it a lot after it was in the ground, and it didn’t budge. We purchased two but actually found it very easy and convenient to just have both dogs on one with the limited campsite space we had. Our next trip will have a larger campsite so we’ll probably end up using both!

Amazon C.
United States United States
Very sturdy stake

We took this gravity stake camping for the first time last month to use at camp. Our Siberian Husky was tied up to it and his friends not far from him were tied to their gravity stakes as well, all of which had zero problems and stayed very secure in the ground the whole time even though the ground was fairly soft material. Overall I’ll be bringing this to use at every campground we go to.

Jeff S.
United States United States
Top Notch

Very solid addition for your beach, camping or outdoor use. The packaging is great: comes with a bag, a flag (conversation piece) and the box. Works a lot easier that other stakes! I highly recommend this!