You stress trying to keep your pup around?

Make it a thing of the past.

You stress trying to keep your pup 


Make it a thing of the past.

Stop stressing, start enjoying.

We can all think of a relaxing afternoon that wasn't so relaxing after all. 

You're constantly on the lookout for your pup or recalling him. 

It works... But forget closing your eyes and enjoying the kiss of the sun on your cheek. Even going to the bathroom is challenging...

What if you could claim your freedom back, but still bring your dog everywhere you go?

That's what we set out to do with this stake... and we did it.

Let me show you how it works:


Will this hold your dog?

Fair question.

Our stake will hold your dog, no matter how hard he's pulling.

How can we be so sure?

Well, correctly installed, the stake was able to hold any dogs from pitbulls to mastiffs and all!

But more impressively, one stake held 5 huskies pulling on a mushing line!

dog tied to the gravity stake by saker in the desert

Easy for you to install.

Easy for you to take out.

Simply screw the stake in using the tool that comes with it. Once you're done, you unscrew the stake. No pulling required

Also, it's maintenance-free

The stake is designed to let your dog roam around without ever getting tangled. It's rustproof so you can leave it in the ground for days without worrying about the weather.

Fits your lifestyle

The stake is designed to be carried around so it can keep your dog safe wherever you are!!

dog kissing owner at the beach tied to the gravity stake by saker

Afternoon at the beach

dog and owner on a camping trip with gravity stake

Camping trips

white shepherd in the yard tied to the gravity stake by saker

Unfenced yards

Create the best memories 

Remove the stress from bringing your dog along and replace it with incredible memories together.


That's how many dogs we are keeping safe with our stakes so far!
The least we can say is that your pup is in good hands.

Here's what a few dog owners had to say about the stake:
customer review of gravity stake by saker for poodle

Excellent Durability & Value!

This tie out stake is very well built and worth every penny. It was simple to install and has never come loose. 

We purchased a spiral yard stake in the past but it bent right away. This tie out stake may cost more but it won’t need replacement like the others. 

I’m very impressed with the durability and aesthetics of this product. Give it a try!

Stephanie H.

Saker tie-out stake to hold 90pound rescue dog

Stays in the ground

We use this to keep our dog safe when we are out in the yard with her since we do not have a fence and want to prevent her from taking off after any wildlife (squirrels, deer, etc). 

Purchased Saker stake after our 90 pound rescue pulled a different stake right out of the ground (ground was soft and wet after lots of rain). We have had it for 2 months and it is secure and effective. Would recommend!


60pounds pitbull at the beach held with saker tie-out stake

Holds my 60 pound pit bulls.

We needed something that will hold our to 60 pound pitbulls to the beach while we played in the water. Getting them into the ground was easy with a little force and effort and using the wooden dowel that was shipped with this product. Be mindful, After a 1/2 an hour to 45 minute of the dogs tugging and pulling on their chains it did start becoming slightly loose that required a 1/2 a turn to a full turn to tighten it back into the ground. And that is in the sand I have not tried this product in grass or solid dirt.

Stacy H.


Get your hands on a Gravity Stake

(while you can)

With everyone getting a puppy,
The demand for our stake is insane... We are sold out on average 157days per year.

Will you be one of the lucky dog owners who will be able to offer freedom and safety to your puppy?

You're still hesitating?

Here's more details:

gravity tie out stake for saker canine

Heavy Duty Gravity Stake


Easy 30 days refund.
If you're not happy, get a full refund.

How to use it

Click here to check the steps

using the gravity stake at the beach


 First, you find your spot

It works best where there's no trees or obstacles.

This way, your pup can run around without getting tangled.

Next to your beach chair, or to your tent are great spots to install your stake.


Install it

Just use the tool that comes in the box.

Screw the stake into the ground where you want it.

30secs later, you're all set.

Clip your dog leash (or cable) to it and enjoy!



Wherever you are, you can now kick back and relax.

Your dog is safely tied next to you and won't go anywhere.

Close your eyes and enjoy a forgotten peace of mind.

The stake is weather-resistant so you can leave it in the ground for days in a row.

What you get.

saker heavy duty stake
saker tie-out stake marking flag
saker stake nylon tool
saker gravity stake premium box


Will it be strong enough to hold my dog?

Is your dog smaller than this 180# bad boy? ->

Then yes. Based on the feedback of thousands of customers.

It will hold. And if it didn't (but it will), return it right away.

No questions asked.

hulk the pitbull

Would one stake hold two dogs?

Yes, just check the reviews. Also we did a test and the stake was able to hold 5 huskies on a mushing line.

Is this intended to be installed and removed frequently?

You bet! That's one main benefit of the stake between our stake and any aerial cable. 

You screw clockwise to install it. And counter clockwise to take it out. It even comes with a tool to do it.

Where do you tie the cable/leash?

You simply clip the cable onto this ring. This way, the ring spins around. It prevents your dog from getting tangled.

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Scott W.
United States

Great product great customer service

C. TillerJr
United States
VERY DURABLE for our 70 pound Lab

I live in Michigan and I put this stake in just before the ground froze. It was easy to install and was a must for when the lazy kids did not want to take our dog for a walk in the snow. We bought a 30-foot durable lead to go along with this stake and it was a perfect combination to keep our 70-pound puppy lab from getting into mischief! Highly recommended!

Carol M.
United States
Doesn’t stay in the ground

This thing does not stay in the ground my 50 pound dog pulls it out easily

United States
Dog tie out

I like that my dogs can't pull it out the ground.

Courtney C.
United States
It's irreplaceable.. nothing works like it..

It works. My 1year Rottweiler @92lbs, stretch this to its limits. It's sturdy and easy to install. Im sure he will not be able to pull all of the steak out of the ground.. Third pic/video is my Rottweiler is loosening it out of the ground.. No worries tho

Book O.
United States
Rock solid!

Perfect. Was able to screw into the frozen Wisconsin winter earth which broke the one I bought at farm and fleet. Does exactly what it's designed to do. Rock solid

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