“Not having to worry, for once. That’s what really struck me from this afternoon at the beach.”

Never, have I even dreamed that spending the day at the beach with my dog and my boyfriend could be so peaceful and enjoyable. This Säker dog stake is really a game-changer for me, for us.

family with dogs at the beach and saker canine dog stake

You know how we, women, worry about everything. From the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed. Every week is filled with events that make me worry. Whether it's my colleagues, boyfriend, mother or the in-laws, there's always something.

So when the week is ending, I'm looking for ways to relax. We usually opt for the beach.

But the truth is, the beach is no exception. I constantly worry about Charlie, our Aussie. Will he drink salt water? Will he run to other people on the beach? Will he get bit by another dog? This is not worryless. 

My solution to our beach problem

This week is special. I made the move and got ourselves a dog stake from Säker. 


I decided to get it after reading the hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon. It seemed like if one company could keep Charlie safe in one place, it was Säker. And it was the right bet. 

I had never heard of the brand before but after a quick google search. I saw that they were featured as “the new standard” on some of the most reputable websites, such as cesarsway.com, akc.org, dogtime.com, loveyourdog.com and more.

Their dog stake is easy to carry around with you. It holds huge pitbulls, Rottweilers and more… So I figured it would easily keep Charlie around. They provide a lifetime warranty 


From the moment I placed the order, only a few days passed before it landed on our doorstep. 

It came in 

When Michael (my fiancée) opened the shipping box, he thought I had bought an expensive cognac. Not knowing what he was talking about, I looked inside. I didn’t get it at first. I had not ordered him any prestigious liquors. 


After closer examination, I read Säker on the box and immediately understood our stake had arrived. 

That box was… pristine. I had never seen a brand putting so much money on the packaging of an item under $30. I mean, the magnetic lid, the matte black finish, everything was perfect about it.


Chris, the owner, even reached out to me to make sure everything was fine. So let’s just say that I was looking forward to testing it out.


When we arrived at the beach, Michael quickly secured the stake in the ground and I tied Charlie onto it. I gave him a bone to chew and to play with. Which he quickly made his #1 mission.  We kicked back our chairs and talked and talked.

I'll remember this day for a loooong time

There are few words to describe the feeling I had. Just imagine, the warm sun rays kissing your cheeks. The fresh wind breeze in your hair. Not only was I having the best time with the two love of my life, I was even tanning. At that exact moment, I was happy and worryless. I felt alive. I felt like every problem I have in my life was gone. 


I didn’t want this to end. But I realized that we could relive this incredible moment over and over again. Well, as a matter of fact, from now on, every trip to the beach would be that enjoyable. 


And thanks to Säker lifetime warranty, I knew we could count on the Gravity stake for many years to come.

I'm not alone 

Now, this feeling is not reserved to me, I’m no exception. Every Dog mom who got the stake was able to have the same wonderful experience. I just decided to commit and give it a try. I have to say that trying it implied very little risk. I could have returned it and gotten a full refund. 


Actually, this feeling could be yours as soon as next week if you offered your dog a Säker stake now. 


To be honest, while this stake is a gift for my dog. It is also a gift to my boyfriend and I. 


And at this price point, under $30. Everybody wins.


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