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Why its so important for you to have a harness that's actually crash-tested:

In a 30mph car crash, your 75lbs dog will weight more than 1969lbf. Think about it, it's almost the weight of a Fiat 500 pressing on your dog.¹

In 2020, there was 35,766 fatal crashes in the US alone... Make sure both you and your dog stay in one piece with a proper crash-tested harness.²

Actually, throughout the whole market of dog harnesses, there are less than 3 harnesses that are actually certified for dogs up to 75lbs.

Below is a breakdown of the certification we are currently going through and the up-to-date results of the tests we did so far.

Static Tests
In that first phase of the certification, we teamed up with the Michigan Tech University to determine what are the weakest parts of the harness. Basically, they put the harness in a fancy machine and pull on each end. Check the history of the tests below.
Dynamic Crash-Tests
In this second phase of the certification, we install our harness on a dog dummy from the Center for Pet Safety. The dog is then installed on car seats on a buggy at the MGA Research Corporation. They will run the buggy into a wall and capture the scene in slowmotion. The Center for Pet Safety will then analyze the data to make sure a bunch of criterias are met.

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