with your dog

Gravity tie out stake from Saker

Heavy Duty Gravity Dog Stake

premium dog tie out cable

Canadian Tie out Cable - 15ft

premium dog tie out cable

Canadian Tie out Cable - 30ft


Sharing a night under the stars.

Listen there's a ton of ways to spend quality time with your pooch. 

But if we're honest, camping is definitely at the top of the list.

There's something we can't explain about it. 

Maybe it's being so disconnected from the outside world that strenghten the bond between you and your pup.

Whatever it is, you won't find it here. So order your gear and into the woods you go!

Saker tick buster bundle

Premium Tick Buster

Paw Balm by Säker image

Handmade Paw Balm (2oz)


Customers Gallery

husky tied to gravity stake
brown dog with rain jacket tied to the saker stake in camping
black dog in a tent attached to the gravity dog stake
paw balm from saker in a trunk ready for camping
two small dogs clipped to the dog tie out stake from saker
close up of the gravity stake on a camping trip
two old dogs tied to the gravity stake in camping
gravity stake in a backpack
brown lab attached to the stake from saker
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