Time to recharge

Whether it's at home or in a tent, every athlete needs some rest. 

Our basecamp collection is designed for those adventurers looking to rest, whether it's for a night or a weekend with friends.

But always, always with your bestfriend by your side.

Gravity™ Dog Tie Out StakeGravity™ Dog Tie Out Stake
460 reviews
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Handmade Paw Balm (2oz)Handmade Paw Balm (2oz)
239 reviews
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Tick Buster™Tools included in the Tick Buster
194 reviews
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gravity stake in a backpack
two old dogs tied to the gravity stake in camping
brown lab attached to the stake from saker
paw balm from saker in a trunk ready for camping
two small dogs clipped to the dog tie out stake from saker
close up of the gravity stake on a camping trip
brown dog with rain jacket tied to the saker stake in camping
husky tied to gravity stake
black dog in a tent attached to the gravity dog stake

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