We create gear designed to keep your dog safe.

And we are the best at it.

So basically, we review products designed to keep your dog safe. And if they don't meet our standards... We create them.

Now, naturally, if you find a product on our website, you can be sure that it is the best version out there. Not the cheapest, but best on keeping your dog safe.

Then, it's up to you to decide if quality and durability weight more than the price tag.

Säker founders

Maya, Belle and Chris. The founders of Säker Canine.


We have your dog's back. 

Most products designed to keep your dog's safe today aren't really thought through. They can't do the job properly because they lack the research and attention to details needed. We exist to correct this. 

We are an innovation company focused solely on making better gear to keep dogs safe at all times.

Chris Labs
Founder of Säker Canine


We will make this world a safer place for dogs. A world where no dogs would never get hurt, get hit by a car or lost. A world where dogs would be treated like actual human beings.

Because frankly, many dogs are more vertuous than we will ever be.

So you can get in the train now, or watch us pass by.



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Product Focused

We feel like the best way to serve you and your dog is to make the best product possible. No one can be the best at everything. Therefore, we are ready to neglect other aspect such as brand image, or social events in order to make better products.

dog icon

Our customer is your dog, not you.

Nothing against you, really. 

Without you, your dog wouldn't have come that far, that's for sure. But we always think first on how the product will best keep your dog safe. And THEN, we think of making it easy to use for you. We always do it in that order and not the other way around.

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Reduced Footprint

We take pride in delivering a product to your doorstep with little or no plastic. BUT we aren't lying to ourselves. Even though we care about our footprint more than most, we are still miles away from our ideal supply chain.

american and canadian flag

Trying to make stuff at home

We are slowly bringing back the making of our products right here in North America (in Canada or in the USA). 

Bringing all of the production back now would result in ginormous costs passed onto you. But hey! we are on the right path.

We'd understand if you don't share these values and wants to run away.
However, if you connect with these values, get your first Säker product now and join the pack.

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We use Amazon to ship our orders (it's faaaaast).

Easy Returns

We hate returning stuff too. So we made the return process easy.

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