Our Story

In 2018, Säker Canine was founded with one purpose: Allow dog owners to bring their canine sidekick on their adventures safely.

Saker team camping at night with toyota 4runner

The Backstory

(told by Chris, the founder)

Growing up, I was always surrounded with dogs. Actually, I made sure of that. 

That's why back in 2008, at age 11, I started my dog walking business "Balade & Compagnie." 

As soon as I'd come home from school, I'd grab my bestfriend Max (my beloved border collie) and we'd start our walks. 

We'd take 2 dogs at a time and walk them for 30mins. We would walk 4-6 dogs per night.

Picture this, an eleven years old boy (weighting about 70lbs soaked) walking a border collie, a 70lbs brown lab and a 60lbs airedale. 

There was no way I could win by brute force...

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So I had to understand them.

And that's where I fell in love with dogs.

No matter the weather, we'd go out and walk the dogs. We walked them at 30ºC and at -30ºC (we're in Saint-Donat, Qc, Canada).

But one night, as we were bringing home the dogs, a pickup truck came full speed and ran over Max in front of my eyes...

I was horrified...

Max was convulsing, he was yapping, he seemed possessed.

The men said they were sorry but left us there.

Luckily for me, my grandfather's house was 200ft away. He helped me carry Max home and we went immediately to the vet hospital.

After waiting 2 painful hours, the vet came out and told us that Max would survive and had a broken pelvis.

Now, you can imagine how that stuck with me.

At that point, I felt like something needed to be done to keep more dogs safe.

When I finished university in 2018, I started Säker with that sole purpose.

Today, we want to create the highest quality dog gear in a sustainable way.

Best Product

We believe the best products are functional & durable. Stuff that will simply not break. When you buy our gear, it's for a lifetime.


We only have one playground to explore, let's keep it clean. 

We believe it's every company's job to try to keep it's footprint as small as possible.

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