Our Story

Back in 2018, Säker was founded with one purpose: 

Build dog gear that would truly reflect how much your dog means to you.

"Born from a lack of quality products for dogs"

At the time, I couldn't find any products, whether that's a leash, a tie-out or a harness that was designed to last. I didn't mind spending a few more dollars on long-lasting well-designed gear. Something that would keep my dog safe.

But all I could find was cheap products designed to make a quick buck.

So I decided to make it.

It was the first time a brand was putting so much focus and innovation on dog gear.

The brand took off right away. Since then, we launched more products. But always with innovation and durability at the forefront of every decision. 

Today, Säker products perform when it matters most - whether that be in a hike with your dog at 6,302 ft above sea-level in the Shepherd Pass Trail, solo camping with your pup in the middle of the Glacier National Park, or just getting together with friends around a bonfire.

We guarantee everything we make

Our products are covered by our Got Your Bark Lifetime Warranty

Saving our Planet

For each order on our website, we plant a tree

Biodegradable Packaging

Our products are shipped in biodegradable bags
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