Are you tired of salty vet bills?

Us too...especially when they could be avoided.

Avoided?! That's right.

But no one will tell you about this...

Not until you're sitting in the vet's office and a 200$+ bill awaits you.

But we're here to change that.

We develop products to keep your pup safe, healthy (and far from the vet's office) all year round.

Säker founders

Maya, Belle and Chris. The founders of Säker Canine.


Nowadays, there are so many hazards that could hurt or potentially kill your dog.

What's crazy is that most of these hazards are unknown or misunderstood by most...

But we made our mission to help you understand and prevent them.

With our products, your dog won't get hurt.

And you won't get buried in vet bills.

Chris Labs
Founder of Säker Canine

Smart products over sexy products.

Let's be honest, a tick remover is not a sexy product. Nor is a dog tie-out stake.

It's not cool to advertise... 

And once you have one, you don't buy a second one for "fun".

But these products are useful.

Having them could mean the difference between your dog living or dying.

Said about us


product focused icon

Product Focused

We feel like the best way to serve you and your dog is to make the best product possible. No one can be the best at everything. Therefore, we are ready to neglect other aspect such as brand image, or social events in order to make better products.

dog focused icon

Our customer is your dog, not you.

Nothing against you, really. 

Without you, your dog wouldn't have come that far, that's for sure. But we always think first on how the product will best keep your dog safe. And THEN, we think of making it easy to use for you. We always do it in that order and not the other way around.

eco friendly values icon

Reduced Footprint

We take pride in delivering a product to your doorstep with little or no plastic. BUT we aren't lying to ourselves. Even though we care about our footprint more than most, we are still miles away from our ideal supply chain.

canadian and american flag

Trying to make stuff at home

We are slowly bringing back the making of our products right here in North America (in Canada or in the USA). 

Bringing all of the production back now would result in ginormous costs passed onto you. But hey! we are on the right path.

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