Max - The all-star fetch player

rescue black lab mix in field

Say hi to Max! He is a 9 years old lab mix. The best part is that he’s looking for a forever home. He’s #adoptable

Max is Superman… or more like Superdog. 

But just like Superman, Max has kryptonite. 

His kryptonite is his pancreas... You see, Max is suffering from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency which means his pancreas is not producing enough enzymes to digest fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. 

This difficulty in digestion leads to poor absorption of nutrients which commonly causes weight loss despite a normal or increased appetite.

All about our day

I was told that Max was particularly lean and would not have much energy to play or go out on a long hike.

When I arrived at the shelter, Max was lying down on a couch in the playroom, patiently waiting for someone to take him out.

As I went into the playroom, he lightened up. I was a stranger to him, but he didn’t care. He had a friend and right away he came to me.

He grabbed his ball and dropped it at my feet. 

I couldn’t believe it... Max was really good at Fetch. No matter how I threw the ball, he would catch it mid-air and then run back to drop it in my hands (it was almost too good to be true). 

I was expecting Max to be tired because of how lean he was… but I couldn’t be more wrong.

He wanted to play no stop, he looked like a joyful puppy.

We played for 5 or 10 mins. Then I grabbed a leash and took him out of the shelter. Max was so happy, he was smelling around… so many different smells. Even though he wanted to run, he contained his energy and accepted my pace, such a gentleman.

Our first challenge was to take a couple of good shots of Max to show how beautiful he is to the world. I saw this big rock and asked him to climb on it. “Up, Sit, Stay”, he did it all. Of course, I had some of his kibble in my hand, but he stayed still without complaining. 

I took all the pictures I needed before we continued our walk. At any time, I thought he might be tired because of his pancreas… but Max completed our hour-long walk with the same joy and playfulness he had when we started. 

About Max

Max is clean, he won’t pee or poop inside the house. This good boy can be left at home for the day and won’t destroy the furniture. 

He lived in an apartment for 8 years so he doesn’t require a mansion. 

As long as he spends enough energy in the morning and at night.

But that’s not all…

Max can live with another dog or a cat! He’s also a good boy with kids. 

He spent his six first years surrounded by 4 kids.

Because of his pancreas problems, Max will require Pank-Aid (a powder that you add to his food in order to increase how much nutrients he digests.) which is about 100 CAD every two weeks or so. 

If you know someone who could be interested in adopting Max, send them this post. 

If you don’t know anyone, please share this post, the more shares we have, the more chance we have to find a furever home for Max. 

Location: Montreal

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