How to keep my dog cool in the summer

dog diving in water

You can probably relate to this too.


I wake up, check my phone. 

Yay! The forecast predicts a sunny day. 

I go in my wardrobe, it will be sunny today! 

I pick my beautiful fur-coat AND fur-pants.  


Fur-pants? That's right 😎 

(I got this kit on a trip to Newfoundland and I'm looking good in it.) 

Anyway, I'm good to go. 

It's Saturday so I'll spend the day in the yard. 


2-hours-in, it's getting hot, real hot! 

But I can't take off my pants nor my coat. I can't jump in the pool without permission nor go inside by myself. Why?


Because I'm a dog!


When we put it this way, it seems obvious that this doesn't make sense right? Right. 


So here's 5 ways to keep your dog cool this summer.

Btw, did you know that dogs cannot sweat, they can only pant to cool off.


#1 Kiddie-pool

This is one of the most effective way to keep your pooch cool during summer. There is literally no risk of drowning, it doesn't require your attention AND your dog can go in and out as she wishes.

Now, naturally, the pool has no filtration system and is quite shallow.

Quick Tips:

- The water in it should be used to water the grass or plants at the end of the day. Simply add fresh water again the next morning. 

- Don't buy an inflatable one. It won't last long, get a plastic one.


In Canada, you can easily find one under 100$.


#2 Cool Treats

Simple enough, you need to fill an ice tray with water. Belle, our border collie, is addicted to ice cubes (made of plain water). However, you can spice it up easily with fruits and treats! Simply cut some of the fruits you have in the fridge in small cubes. Get some of your dog's treats or kibble and add it in the ice tray with the fruits. Fill with water and put it in the freezer.


That's it! Tomorrow or later today, you'll have awesome treats that will make your dog happy and keep her cool.


Quick Tips:

- This is a great way to save some of the fruits or veggies that are overriped in the fridge. You can always put the fruits in the freezer and save them for the next time you make frozen treats.

- Be CAREFUL, not all fruits and veggies are good for your dog. Check out this list of fruits and veggies that are safe for your pooch.

- You can always add a bit of peanut butter to make it even more exciting for your dog.


Pretty much FREE. Maybe you'll need to buy an extra ice tray (5-7$).

More ideas of dog frozen treats.


#3 Dog cooling Vest

While some cooling vests come with "ice-pack" fluid in it, I would recommend the basic/natural ones instead. We got one for Belle and it works like a charm. It looks like a jacket but the material is spongy. 

Before or while it's on your dog, you need to get it soaked with cold water! 

From our experience, the vest will keep your dog cold for 2-4 hours. At this point, you simply soak it again. 

If your dog has short-hair, it will prevent most of its body to get sunburned.


Quick Tips:

We got ours from Canada Pooch. It came in fast and fitted perfectly on Belle. Make sure you get the right size. 

While I make no commissions from it, I found useful to give you the link to the dog cooling vest from Canada Pooch that we personally got for Belle.


It costs us 68.98CAD shipped with taxes.

Makes sense so far? Good!



#4 Early is the key

Try to plan your schedule according to the weather. If today is to be a hot day, try to go for an early walk. Early morning or evening playtimes are recommended. Try to stay inside for the peak of temperature that lasts from noon to 3p.m.

Quick Tips:

- Avoid walking on hot pavement with your dog. 


Can't sleep until noon.


#5 Go back to the basics

Not sure if I really need to mention this, but your dog should always have a spot in the shades to cool off. In this spot, your dog should always have access to a bowl of fresh water.


Quick Tips:

- Make sure your dog has a spot in the shades at ANY TIME OF THE DAY. The sun moves and a shady spot in the morning is not a shady spot in the afternoon.

-You can always lay a towel or a blanket soaked in fresh water on which your dog can lie down.



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