How to grow my dog's instagram account?


picture by poochofnyc

The easiest way to grow your dog's account is to be different. 

Well, here are the 4 best hacks to grow your dog's instagram account, or any instagram account for that matter.

So whether your dog has an Instagram yet or not, I'm here to help you.

If you want to know my secrets to grow Säker account to 19.7k followers, read on!


4 Instagram Hacks that will blow your mind

Instagram is its own beast. It's crowded and competitive.

That's why you need to differentiate yourself. And these hacks will let you do just that.

While you might know 1 or 2 already, I'm sure you'll find 1-2 that will be worth the read.

#1 Paste image over a story

Let's say that you want to share someone else post. You've done this before right? Right.

But this time you want to do it beautifully.

1. Download the image from Instagram

First, you need an app to download images from Instagram. Personally, I use

You can click on the image to access the appstore.

Or if it's easier for you, you can always use ingramer where you simply need to paste the link of the post you want to download.

2. Edit the picture to make it look good

Once you have the picture, go edit it to make it look good. I personally use Unfold. And I created this:

Save the edit in your phone and copy it from your gallery. 

3. Post the story (final stretch)

Now you go back to the post in Instagram and click on this:

bottom of an instagram post

Then, you click on "Add post to story"

And arrive here:

bottom of an instagram post
bottom of an instagram post

3.1 Text editor+paste

From left to right, I simply clicked on the text editor and held for one second to have the option to "paste".

You click paste and your edit from Unfold will appear over the post.

3.2 Cool sticker

Simply add a cool sticker "tap here" or "new post" to make people click on it. To see the final result, you can check out Rosie's example of cool story.

You can also find a complete video example of the process.

#2 Get different stickers or create your own

You know how the same stickers are used by everyone on Insta. You have to deal with the selection Instagram gives you.

But not anymore.

Simply go on, and type what you are looking for.

Use the toggle switch to choose "stickers" results in the left corner.

You are following so far? Good.

Once you found the perfect sticker;

Tap and hold the sticker.

From the menu that just opened, click on save image.

You're ready

Now this sticker will be saved in your gallery and you simply have to copy it everytime you want to add it to one of your stories.

This is how you can use stickers that you created on Instagram.

Again, I filmed the whole process here if you don't have the Giphy App.

Here's how to do it with the Giphy app.

#3 Using hashtags in stories. A looot.

You know hashtag pages right?

Of course you do! You land on them when you click on one hashtag.

Well, at the top, there's this bubble.

german shepherd hashtag page

To appear in there, you must be using #germanshepherd in a textbox in the story.

You are allowed up to 11 hashtags per story.

Now, naturally, using 11 hashtags in each story looks spammy and takes a looot of space. The answer?

Hide them

Once you've found 11 relevant hashtags, type them in a text box in your story.

Find a plain area and use the eyedrop to pick the exact color (it doesn't work with pure white).

Then, make the text this exact color and play with the text box position to make it small and overlapping the plain area.


Your hashtags have disappeared and your stories have more chances to be seen.

Once again, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's the clip how to do it.

#4 The first hour is C.R.I.T.I.C.A.L.

So Instagram Algorithm is for your posts what Cesar was for the gladiators. It decides in a blink of an eye, if your posts should become famous or if they should die being remembered by none.

So with Instagram, the algorithm does not make any final decision in the first 60mins that you post.

See it as if the Cesar was asking you to show off what you can do in 60mins. Bring your A-game to every post and show Instagram how much love the public gives you.

Your playbook

During these first 60mins, you want to bring as many trafic to your post as you possibly can. This means it's time to comment and like others' posts.

*Make sure you are not spammy. Instagram usually punishes an account that does more than 50 comments in an hour. I would do 30-40 or so.

Ranking on Hashtags

Another great tip this one. Once you posted, go on the hashtags you used and go comment and like some of those recent posts.

Why? Because chances are, these people are still active now.

So let's take #germanshepherd again.

Plus, they will visit your profile and like (maybe) your newest post.

So here's what Instagram sees:

Person XYZ visited (or used) the hashtag #germanshepherd recently.


Person XYZ liked the post 123 (your post).


Post 123 must be relevant to the people using #germanshepherd. Post 123 goes up on the ranking of the hashtag germanshepherd.

So that's all for today's email,

I hope I'll see you 'round on Instagram


P.S. If you read this, reach out to me on Instagram and send me "Newsletter fan 🐕". I'll connect with you and share one of your post.

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