Dog Photography Tips by an Expert

dog being photgraphed on a rock

By Taylor DeArmond from @just_thori_things - November 14, 2019

Useful tips to step up your dog photography


dog walking on a beach being photgraphed at eye level

1. Look into their eyes - with the lens that is!

The best angle to photograph dogs is their eye level! Much like you would photograph a human, you want the photo to have the dog as the main focus. Unless I am capturing natural movement, I do my best to keep their eyes centered in the frame.

dog being photographed while running with very fast shutter speed

2. Be quick!

If you use a DSLR, crank that shutterspeed up! My camera hovers around 1/1000 when photographing my pups. If you are still learning, try using the sport setting. If you are struggling to capture your dog with your cell phone, try taking a video and screenshotting your favorite shot of the video.

dogs not moving while picture is taken - one of the best tips

3. Pro Tip: Train the Brain - practice makes perfect

The most valuable tip I can offer is to train your pet to have a solid stay! What’s great is that photos reinforce the obedience your dog already knows. Once your dog can stay still until the shutter goes off, you’ll get clear, in focus photos like a professional!

dog being photographed looking at the camera after squishy noise


Squeaky toys, high pitched squealing, and whistling work like a charm to get a dog’s attention. I am positive that if someone observed me photographing my dogs, they would think I had something wrong with me! If all else fails, a quick “Hey bud, wanna go on a WALK?!” always does the trick.

 dogs have a mean look because they want treats to be photographed

5. We don’t work for free!

Always keep your pup’s favorite snack on hand when it’s photoshoot time. I will frequently hold the treat right above the phone or camera when taking photos. This is guaranteed eye contact for the perfect shot! It will also reinforce a photo session for dogs that typically do not like their photo taken. 

I hope you found these tips helpful! Tag me, @just_thori_things, on instagram when you use my tips. I’d love to see your photos!

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