Dog meat off the menus in China?

china map with ban popup

Not yet but we are at least moving in the right direction.


Sadly, a couple weeks ago the Lychee and dog meat Festival took place again in Yulin. Without going into details. This festival spans over 10days. Around 10 000 dogs are consumed during this event. 

While eating dog meat has been happening in China for thousands of years, this Festival was created in 2009! 


Who’s f*#k up enough to start such a thing ten years ago?

I couldn’t find it and it's probably better like that for that person. 

However, not all chinese eat dog meat. As a matter of fact, this tradition from the past (which should stay in the past) seems to be perpetuated by only few people. Dog meat is now only present in some provinces of China. According to a research, 72% of Yulin citizens (city where the Festival takes place) rarely eat dog meat.


Yulin has 5.487M citizens which still means 1.5M eat it on a regular basis. 


Here’s the brighter side to this story.

The city of Shenzhen (12.53M citizens) is currently pushing to ban the consumption of dog meat.


For its part, the chinese government is also making progress. They recently declared dogs as a special companion animal and no longer recognize it as live stock. 


Let’s not forget, most chinese are against the consumption of dog meat. If you are against these practices, join the movement and sign this petition.

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