golden retriever eating poop at buffet
dog lying down on the couch depressed
owner putting paw balm to his dog
Toller between two bowls of raw food and kibble
Is kibble or raw food better for dogs?

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Paw + balm = good for your dog
woman putting cbd oil in her dog's mouth
dog in a bath after getting sunburned
What do you do if your dog gets sunburned?

What do you do if your dog gets sunburned? According to Dr. Klein,  any time sunburn is visible, you should move your dog inside or at least into the shade as quickly as possible. Cool compresses and ointments may soothe the skin to ...

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woman putting baby sunscreen on her dog
Can I use baby sunscreen on my dog?

Can I use baby sunscreen on my dog? You should not use most baby sunscreen on dogs. Indeed, baby sunscreen is 99% the same as adult/normal sunscreen. Well at least, it contains the same ingredients that are toxic if ingested by dogs Read more

dog in ER after intoxication with zinc oxide
Is zinc oxide toxic for dogs?

 Is zinc oxide toxic for dogs?  Zinc oxide is toxic only if ingested. Zinc oxide is a mineral mostly used in sunscreens. Think of it as millions of little mirrors to reflect the sun rays off your skin. Zinc, whether it is ingested by dogs,...

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Border collie wearing Petsafe collar
The Darkside of wireless dog fences

I’ve spent big bucks on this wireless fence. Then more on post-traumatic training, and still, Belle will take years to get completely over it.  Read more

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