Afternoon at the beach

aussie dog at the beach tied to the gravity stake

Saturday afternoon, you are exhausted from your week of work and simply want to go relax on the beach.

You pack your stuff; water, towel, sunscreen, etc. You're about to leave but then look at your dog. He knows that you are going out and is dying to go with you.

You stare at him, Start thinking, You know your dog would love it at the beach...

But then you remember your past experiences with your pup:

He runs away; pulls on the leash; go for a swim, it stresses you...

"Not very relaxing"

I have been there, you end up leaving your dog at home thinking its just an hour or two and you really need to turn off your brain.

This horrible feeling...

At this point, you probably feel just as horrible as I do. 

It's an unpleasant feeling, similar to the one felt when you leave for work. But this one is worst because you had the choice.

So far, I just assumed that some of our audience feels like me and goes through similar stuff. Maybe you never felt that and think I am a cold blooded dog owner, if its the case, please keep reading.

I always thought there must be a way to bring your dog everywhere without having to worry about it. 

The perfect alternative

When I designed Gravity from the ground up, I made sure the pathfinder blades would work their way in the sand without coming out when your dog pulls on it.


You don't have to undergo these pity eyes anymore. 


 It's easy

Whenever you feel like going to the beach, simply take your Gravity with you. 

Note: It happened that I forgot a tool and had to use a thick branch. Make sure to have a tool accesible when you leave.



At the beach 

Once there, depending on how crowded is the beach, you can choose the lenght of the tie-out consequently.

*Whenever I have to go do something quickly, I'll just clip the leash onto it. 

 I'll find a spot where I'll be able to relax and I'll go 10  feet away from that spot and install the stake there. 

I do this so the tie out doesn't keep hitting me whenever Belle runs in circle. 

I always let her sniff the area before tying her out, it wouldn't be fair if we saw all this area to explore and couldn't get a sniff at it. 

Once I installed the stake all the way in (the top plate touches the sand). I'll give her some of her toys. I'll go back to my towel, chair, whatever, knowing well that I can relax without her drowning, running after dogs, or sniffing people's stuff. 



In the end, 

I'd like to say that most of the time, I will play with Belle on the beach and in the water. But, having a Gravity at hand always proves useful and I strongly suggest it to all of you.

**I hope you were able to understand at least a word here. This is my first blog ever and english is my second language. Well, if you read this far, it means that you've been through this suffering quietly and I want to thank you for it.


See ya next week

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